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Three+ years into joining HighCamp and having shifted from occasional rhythm guitar to bass, I'm having a blast! Daytime job – lighting designer; but weekly practices and gigs add a whole new world to my life. HighCamp's repertoire is entirely geared towards keeping a dance floor rocking, and it draws from many influences; outside of the Talking Heads, though, few of them are found in my own music collection – which is part of the fun.

Most tunes are of course hugely familiar to my ears, but some of the most fun were entirely new to me. My at-home listening tastes are eclectic and range from Pink Floyd to Macklemore, with an emphasis on off-beat, singular women like Tori Amos, Kate Bush & Lorde – but with plenty of sideways detours for Spanish guitar, Irish folk-rock, new-age electronica, and more, plus current spot fave albums by Michael Franti, Rob Thomas, Union Station, and even Hugh Laurie. I'm on board with both versions of the following quote, but where Michael Franti uses the words "God" and "religion" in his perfect comment on spirituality in a line from his most awesome tune, "East to the West", I'll borrow and rework it to, "Music is too big for just one expression!"


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