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John covers HighCamp vocals, guitars, synth/keyboards, flutes, sound effects, music arrangements, tantrums, and arm-twisting. His trip here: working on his outer-woman since 2010, but in the beginning there was Order of the Dog, which begat East/West Band by way of Berklee, which begat Landmark by way of Universal Sound, which begat a 15-year slumbered awakening to Exit 42, which begat PieWeed, which begat Capitol Punishment, which begat the Shards, and which begat HighCamp at long last.

The seer in the Order said it would be so, and so it is, better late than never. Kudos to this hard-working band of musicians past, present, and future. The Man Who Fell to Earth and so many others have returned home, but we can help keep their candles burning. Debts and fealty to DJ Chris Ewen for mining the club gems of 80's new wave/retro/industrial/electro/punk and spinning them at Heroes Night. We glean the tailings and secret them back to the suburbs, to keep you up and breathing; we leave nothing in the tank!


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